Thursday, March 10, 2011


May I introduce you to my favorite new tab to keep open on my browser at all times for comic

Handerpants. Underpants for your hands.

Just say it.

Usually, it comes out of my mouth more like "Handapanz." And it makes me smile everytime.

What? They even LOOK like tighty-whities?
(Not sure what the intention was there)

Also mentioned is that they are, apparently, 'sexy.' Justin Timberlake probably should've sought out some professional help from these guys when he tried to Bring Sexy Back.

Population: Narwhal Aficionados, Ninjas with Delicate Hands, Hobos, Assistants to the Magican's Assistant, British Sitcom Stars, Jerks and m
any, many more. My personal favorites: the elderly, senior citizens, old people, grandparents, and retirees-- just to cover all the bases.

Uses: Girly Stuff, Sanitary Handshakes, Night Blogging...

and of course: the elderly.

I know, I know, at this point, you must think this is all a scam. I did. But I did my research. I went to the website, which is just as ridiculous as the video, and then clicked the "Buy Yours Now!" button, which took me to a website that sells them along with emergency underpants, instant underpants, and an 'undercap'.

They have serious obsession with undapantz.

But they earned my respect with their description of squirrel underpants:

"Are you sick and tired of squirrels running naked in the trees around your house? Have you had to hide your children’s eyes when a tiny furry streaker crosses the sidewalk in front of you? We’ve got the answer, Squirrel Underpants! Each pair of tiny briefs has a 3" waist and is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Also good for hamsters, frogs and gerbils."

Also to their credit, they like mustaches. Mustache bandages, hipster staches, switchblade mustache combs, mustache soap leaves, and other manly things of that nature.

I feel like I just stumbled onto a goldmine.

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