Monday, August 30, 2010

Chocolate Chips

Baking is fun. Let me correct that: baking is fun when you decide what you're going to make, when you're going to make it, and how exactly you plan on doing it. My roommates Amy & Chelsea and I decided that today we were going to make chocolate chip cookies. You know, as a housewarming ourselves. Easy as pie, right?

Well, apparently pie isn't so easy to make around here, because chocolate chip cookies from scratch REALLY aren't easy. Chelsea and I set out on an adventure (little did we know) to get what you would think are the easiest ingredients to find.

Sugar? Check.
Flour? Check.
Brown Sugar? this brown sugar or just sugar that is brown? Check.
Eggs? Check.
Butter? Check.
Vanilla? 4.50 EURO?!?! What?! It had better be a huge bottle...Check.
Baking Soda? You mean Bicarbonate of Soda? Oh, of course. Check.
Chocolate Chips? (10 mins later) Seriously? (5 mins later) Does anyone here make chocolate chips cookies?!

Eventually, we found a package of cake decorations containing sprinkles, candy pearls, and about 20 tiny chocolate chips. So we caved and bought a chocolate chip cookie mix for 1.50 euro. 3x less than the cost of the vanilla alone. I'm beginning to wonder what ingredients the Irish DO put in their cooking...especially since I can't find ranch dressing ANYWHERE!