Monday, March 22, 2010


By the time I finish writing this post I will have sneezed at least once, blown my nose a couple times, and stared off blankly into the distance, seemingly pondering something, but truly having no thoughts whatsoever.

I made it to two of my classes today before I bowed out and went home. Rather, I fled home to my apartment (which is now solely roommate. come visit!). But not before I sneezed all over the bus. It was awkward. I recovered by disinfecting my hands with some trusty Germ-X that I knew I kept in my bag for a reason. I now sit on the couch, watching Law & Order, reading blogs, and feeling helpless.

I fulfilled every prediction of my behaviour made at the beginning of this post, besides my sneeze, which I effectively dodged by holding my breath. Life is grand.