Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rachel Just Did That.

Think back with me to two weeks ago. What were you doing at that point in time? Can you even remember?

Good thing I can, cause its pretty funny. Rachel was sitting next to Jase on the couch, both of them thinking in their heads (and then saying outloud) how ridiculous I am when I'm tired. Funny things were said, and on one such occasion, Rachel's intake of water decided it would rather not be inside her body any longer. And so she laughed, gagged, and then spit much of the water into her hands....but some managed to land on Jase's shirt. Actually, alot did. She quickly laughed, jumped up, kind-of apologized (cause you don't really have to do that when you're engaged), and hurried to the kitchen sink where she came quite close to upchucking.
She came back with wetness on her face, so of course I asked, "How is there fluid by your eye?" Simple question, simple answer : "My eyes...cried."

There still remains the lingering question yet unanswered: was Rachel really just angry with Jase and looking for a way to let him know? Hey guys, come on now....save it for marriage counseling.

Yeah, Rachel just did ALL of that.

My Knees Hurt.

This happens to me when I sit too much. Like for example: ALL DAY LONG. I sit in class, I sit at work, I sit in my car to drive between the two, and then I retire to my apartment to sit while I do homework.

And it doesn't help that my knees think they're old and believe they have arthiritis.

Ugh. I'm gettin older, and with age comes responsibility. I just didn't realize responsibility has alot to do with physical inactivity.

Thanks for letting me vent :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

CyRide is the New Sleigh?

All of my childhood hopes and dreams have been based upon the simple fact that Santa Claus drives a sleigh. Right? Ok, I suppose some of them came from the Bible and stuff. But recently, I came to the startling conclusion that santa doesn't ride in a sleigh at all! He rides CyRide. I know what you're thinking..."Good call Santa, way to upgrade to a heated form of transportation." And I agree--I always wondered how he stayed warm on that sleigh up in the sky.....but back to my story. Every monday morning when I set foot on the mighty #3 Blue South bus at 6:35 a.m., I am struck by the sight of my dearest gift-bringing friend, Santa Claus. He sits inconspicuously off to the right side, bravely showing his long white beard, his merry rounded belly, a festive red baseball cap, and pristine white sneakers (who knew?). At first I thought that this poor old man must unknowingly impersonate the red-clad hero we know as Santa, but as weeks went by I came to realize that this man wore his red cap every morning we had our chance meeting. Coincidence? I think not. This man IS our beloved Santa Claus!

Although I do believe, I must pose my one question for our crafty santa-man. How do you plan to fly CyRide to visit all your faithfully "nice" people on one snowy Christmas Eve night? I know the weather is nice here and the campus is beautiful, but you should probably get your priorities straight. And put yourself in Rudolph's shoes, for goodness sake!

Jordan Just Did That

I was walking to class with my jovial kind of friend, Jordan, and as we laughed about something, he tripped. Looking back, there was nothing at all that would've obstructed his path. So let it be known that Jordan Adams tripped over his own feet and yeah, he just did that.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

How do I drink this?

Sometimes I have problems drinking fluids. This was discovered this summer in India, as I tried to do the culturally correct thing and pour water in my mouth without touching my lips to the bottle. Needless to say, I failed miserably at this. But it wasn't always that unwelcome because the misguided water would usually find some way to cool down my overheated body. And last night, as I shared food and laughs with some friends, my sneaky little mouth and throat found a way to obstruct the fluids from continuing down in to my belly not once, twice, but three times. So yes, I just did that.