Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wow, I do alot of ridiculous things.

After a bunch of hullabaloo about blogging and such, I decided to create my own blog. Partly because I love to write. Partly because I naively assume others like to read what I write. But mostly because I do alot of small, ridiculous things every day. I'll give you a prime example to whet your appetite.

Some days I decide to dress up for the heck of it. This was one of these days. I had also recently discovered my love of leotards, but not the disutility of them. Being of this mindset, I donned a dress, layered it over a leotard and jeans, and headed out the door for work. I had things right there, mind you. But because of the nature of the leotard, I was required to undress completely to use the bathroom. And if you know me, you know that by no means would the bathroom elude me in a day. That said, I went straight from work to my two classes of the day, saw a couple friends, and even made it to the bookstore before I found a tag sticking out of my dress...on the side. Unusual. After a quick inspection I realized that my dress was on inside out. Very little thought process brought me to the embarassing conclusion that I had been wearing it as such for the last couple of hours, through all of my classes. Yeah...I just did that.